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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The First Stop on My Journey North was Stars Antique Mall

Stars Antique mall in portland, OR was the first stop on my trip north.  I had never been before, but I had read about it on some of the other blogs I follow, so I decided to give it a try. 

The first booth that caught my eye was this one, filled to the brim with jars of ephemera.  Have you ever seen so many mason jars filled with what nots.
Camp Hollyhock was the next stop as I rounded the corner.  Her logo, next to a rusty mailbox, made me want to drop her a letter and let her know how much I enjoyed looking around her space.  Chalkboard walls, and pink lockers are just something you don't see everyday.

I don't know who this next vendor was, but the style was so unique I had to show you pictures.  Between the shredded umbrellas and the skull collages set against a papered background, it was dramatic needless to say...

This next vendor, had an ecclectic mixture of just about everything.  I especially liked the old wire mannequin covered in buttons.  The spinning display rack topped with an a vintage lampshade.  Rolls of vintage papers.  And, umbrellas in wire baskets.
This is just one of the many displays I've seen of Revamped Vintage by Sophie's Cottage.  Known for her handmade signs and trash2treasure projects.  She also has a space at Camas Antique mall which you will see later.  As I move further north.

Aunt Fanny's olde egge shoppe had an entire display full of hooks, knobs, brackets, doorknockers etc...new and old mixed together.  A Rusty metal Cart that I almost took home with me and windows that I've always pictured in the house I would like to build. 

Look at this beauty!  Because of the color of the lining it made for a stunning display piece. 
An old rusty trap used for display.  Old industrial drawers to hold all kinds of goodies.  I've never seen a vintage sign like this.  But these lockers with there perfect patina were simply amazing.  Thank you to whoever had this space. 

I saved my favorite space of the store for last.  I was told that she was a new vendor to Stars and I could only surmise that the name of her business was Fleurs from her tags, but I wasn't able to get anymore information than that.  However, here are some pictures of her space.  Rusty Wire arbor, bows, trellis, mixed with fleur de lis and crown.  Some of my favorite things.

Well, that concludes my trip to Stars...But WAIT!! They have another store called Stars and Splendid right across the street.  So continues my trip.  I will post more as I can, just think I have a weeks worth of places to show you. 

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Uncovered Ruby said...

My favorite is that last vendor too..I haven't been to Stars in ages, looks like you're having a blast! Lisa ;-)