"Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, October 4, 2010

Roses & Rust was a huge success!!

I have to break from my trip north a couple of weeks ago to tell you all about the barn sale Roses and Rust, I was just a part of.  I just have to start out by saying thank you too the entire team of people that made the event possible.  I felt so blessed to be apart of it, and I know so many others felt the same way.
There were nearly 2,000 people that attended this first ever event, mostly all by word of mouth and some internet.  I went into it with realistic expectations and boy was that blown out of the water, when the people just kept arriving.  I was so thankful to have my mother, Amy and my good friend, Kari with me to support and work with me, without them it would not have been possible. 
Here are some pictures of the entrance to the barn, and the wonderful display created by Bonnie of Lulafaye Home and Garden the woman that got the entire thing up and running. 

Here's Bonnie and I together on the Big day so excited with expectation

My Booth was graciously placed right as you walked-in to the right side of the barn, I had so much stuff I wasn't sure it was all going to fit, amazingly it did.

I loved this door that Bonnie had as an entrance piece!

Gorgeous chandelier

Old lovely chippy dresser by Petals garden & decor

Antique cottage & Garden provided a romantic space with beautiful creamy whites.

Diane and Monica of  Nest were in the booth right next to me. 
I just loved everthing they had.  The furniture pieces were amazing.

Connie and Bonnie hard at work in their booths

There were so many jewelry vendors,
 and my favorite display had to be by cerulean gypsy
I wanted to buy every one of their props.
Just look at this feast for the eyes:

Rusty Iron Crosses

Angel Wings

Large rusty hinges

Another wonderful jewelry display

This garden buggy was put together by this sweet lady named Tanya who owns the Ponderosa Ridge Ranch where the event took place.  Her Husband even built her very own mini barn for this special event named Tanya's shabby Shak people couldn't help but flock to it.

I loved the ladies of Gathering Better Junke and their outside display was so creative and lovely.  They really thought it through and came prepared.

Another great jewelry vendor was Garnet Heart

Sera Bella Flowers brought life to this event with all of her fresh flowers, they were absolutely stunning.

Like I said before we were blessed by people in numbers even more blessed by the amount of sales and so much less to take home.  These are pics of my booth towards the end of the day I love how scarce it looked.

Just as we had packed up and headed for the hotel, the end of a perfect day had come upon us.  This is the magnificent sky that God gave us to close the day on our drive back to the Hotel, could it have been any more perfect.  Just when you think you've been blessed the Lord ads more.
psalm 97:6 "the heavens declare his righteousness"

We decided to take it easy and leasurely head home and boy are we glad we did.  We stayed at a place called the Gaia and this was what we woke up to outside our patio the next morning at a perfect 75 degrees. 

To top it off, on the premises live two swans a male and female, my mom is seen here feeding them.  They didn't have names for them, but it didn't matter because we spent all morning enjoying these two beauties.
Thanks for sharing this journey with me, I hope you are blessed by it. 


Curtis said...

I was so nice meeting you at the Rust and Roses event. Monica introduced you to us, my wife and I have several friends in the Medford area and you graciously gave us a business card. We will definetly be looking you up the next time we are in the area. The event was very well put together and the vendors were great. Your pictures were GREAT!!! Thanks for posting them. Looking forward to the Spring 2011 event!!!
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Holly Myers said...

What a wonderful post honoring Roses & Rust! It was great to meet all of you and I do look forward to doing this again!
My comment as I watched that sun setting.... Now that, is a true Roses & Rust Sunset!

nest flipping said...

Lovely fotos! It was so great to meet you, Amy, & Kari... many thanks to you ladies for participating in our show... it truly was a wonderful day... and a perfect show at the end that God provided. I look forward to seeing you at the spring show! We just had our wrap-up meeting at Bonnie's shop and we are bursting with excitement for our "Burlap Harlot Show" come spring! See you then! xoxo