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Friday, April 13, 2012

Roses and Rust April 7, 2012

My husband and I were on the road over the Easter weekend and it just so happened that we were heading through Redding, CA and able to attend the Roses and Rust show.  I've been a vendor twice before and I was looking forward to seeing it through the eyes of a shopper.  It was in a different location this time at the Redding civic auditorium instead of in Anderson at a barn or a ranch.  It took away some of the ambiance and charm, however when you walked in the building the feeling you got was so...wonderful.  I'll let you judge for yourself.  (of course being there is so much better).

We didn't get there right when they opened so we probably missed some great things, and it was hard to get good pictures do to the crowds of people (it was so...busy) which was such a blessing for the vendors.  I also didn't get to chat with as many vendors as I would have liked but, the few I did get to meet seemed excited to be there.  I recognized some people, but there were a lot of new faces.   

I had the pleasure of meeting the lady who had this fabulous booth:

I bought the crown located next to these wonderful sachets

 Another one of my favorites was this booth:

The large rusty gazebo with a fleur de lis top she used as her structure was to die for

as you can see there was a lot of variety in goods for sale

My experience at Roses and Rust from a shoppers experience was a very positive one.  There was loads of inspiration and creativity. Since it was indoors we didn't have to contend with the weather, and parking was easy, not to mention free.  As I said before it was really busy and quite crowded, I wish it had been a little less so, because I wasn't able to spend time in a lot of the booths due to the amount of people (again, thankful the vendors were busy).  The only negative comment I overheard was that there wasn't a lot of furniture and big stuff, just mostly smalls.  I did make some purchases, the only problem I had was that as a seller I'm always looking for a markup, otherwise there were many wonderful unique items for sale at a fair price.  I hope to be a vendor again in the future, but it was sure fun seeing it from the other side.


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